Angela has been playing keyboards since she was 3 years old and has always been the singer with an unusual angelic voice. Music is her passion. Music is her life     

Angela Terace is a singer songwriter .  She writes and arranges as well as performs most all of the instruments in her original music.  She also produces  Having been trained and coached as a classical pianist, it wasn’t until recently that Angela began diving into the world of pop, indie and rock music. Her music has taken on a form that is hard to describe. She is a genre breaker and enjoys experimenting with all musical form. When asked whom her sound is most like, it is almost impossible to come up with an answer. Angela is simply Angela Terace with a unique sound all her own. Her influences are numerous but some noteworthy include Elton John,  Santana, Carol King, Pink Floyd, Gershwin, Beethoven and Mozart. 


Angela performs all the instruments on her recordings. She is a one woman band with the exception of collaboration with her brother Rick Trippe who plays lead and rhythm guitars. Rick is her mentor big brother who is an accomplished musician and guitar/keyboard player.   Angela also collaborated with Jesse Thibes of Brazil and with Bob Sparks in the duo "Sparks & Trippe" Angela also collaborates with her good friend and musical comrade-  "da boi derinho" who also produces her musical works. 


Angela was born in Brooklyn and currently lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York.  Angela comes from a family of musical artisans. Her mother, grandmother, grandparents, great grandparents, all highly regarded musicians and teachers of music. 
Angela breaks through all her creative gifts as a musician, photographer, floral designer and master of all things creative. She graces and credits God for her gifts and shares her music and creativity with purpose.